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Meeting on Child Participation - 13th and 14th November - Geneva

Following the request by the Czech NGO Cesko-britskà, the International Children's Rights Institute (IDE) has been leading, since 2010, integration programs on children's rights training for professionals in the Czech Republic.


Switzerland voted in favour of humanitarian aid and cooperation projects with the new members of the European Union. In response, multiple NGOs in the concerned countries developed humanitarian projects and are searching for partnerships with Swiss collaborators.The Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union

The Česko-britská o.p.s, based in Brno (Czech Republic) and the International Institute for the Rights of the Child (IDE) thus developed several common programmes, in particular integrating children’s rights into training for Czech teachers, with a special focus on Roma children or children with disabilities.

These programms are supported by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union.


A first joint project took place over 16 months and was entitled “Implementation of the Best Practise Experience in Education of Children’s Rights in Switzerland into Protection of Children’s Rights in the Czech Republic”. It consisted of creating classes/educative modules using a specific method aimed at professionals working with children in the Czech Republic. Objective: human and children’s rights must not only be considered a field of education, but as a standard of ethical measurement for each professional working with children.

In order to realize this project, many different steps have been decided upon by the two partners, including field visits in Switzerland, meetings with childhood professionals, gathering of didactic materials and seminars in Brno. For further information visit our discussion forum.

A second common project “Rights of the child in school practice” pursues the increase of knowledge of the Czech teaching staff and students in pedagogy on the child rights, their application in the school environment including the suitable methods of working with children that will improve children´s awareness and understanding of child rights. These methods lead to the improvement of the climate in schools and to the development of the key competencies of children.

Within the scope of this project, a collective publication, written by eight authors, entitled: “Ways to School Respecting and Fulfilling the Rights of the Child” was created. It is intended namely for professionals working with children and youth – teachers, educators, parents and psychologists, and it will also serve social workers and lawyers dealing with the factors which support or disturb the development of children and youth.

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A third project “Innovation of social services and methodology of working with children and families at risk: new approaches and examples of good practice from Switzerland (CZE)” which unites Česko-britská o.p.s and the IDE, with the collaboration of the International Social Service, began on the 1st December 2013.

The project is complemented by a methodological book : Participation and new approaches to working with children and families at risk.

The fourth project “Child Friendly Justice. Child and Media”, which connected again Cesko-britska o.p.s and the IDE began in July 2015. The two part of the project were, on one hand, the development of a methodological guide book and other materials regarding the good practices from Switzerland applicable in Czech Republic - as part of this, a book: “Society Friendly to Children in Difficulties”, lists legal, ethical and psychosocial issues dealing with children in the context of social and legal protection of children in presenting experiences of good practices in Switzerland and their applications to practical work in the Czech Republic. On the other hand, the project includes two seminars for professionals with the participation of the Czech and Swiss team about the transfer of experience of good practices from Switzerland in the field of protection of children's rights and their application in the Czech Republic (Photo Gallery of the May Seminar 2016).

The Swiss experiences of good practices are transferred in networking organisations, offices and other institutions regarding the protection of children's rights. Based on the Swiss model, a web space is created in the Czech Republic, where information on the sub-project outcomes can be placed, as well as current information on the issue of protection of children's rights in the Czech Republic, links to authorities, institutions, etc.