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Meeting on Child Participation - 13th and 14th November - Geneva

asieNepal, India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh are the main targets for this particular training programme. The state of children’s rights in these countries is difficult; they suffer from overpopulation and malnutrition; have little access to healthcare and education, which leads to an increase in violence and to their exploitation for economic gain. Climate change, natural disasters, and unstable political situations have also forced population displacements. Overwhelmed, ill informed or simply non-existent social services are unable to deal with the multiple problems that come with caring for these children.

In light of these factors and thanks to its experience in training professionals working for and with children, particularly in China and Burma, the IDE decided to launch a post-graduate training programme on the protection and rights of children from Nepal on. This was done with the support of its network of international experts and organisations active in the field of children’s rights.

Project Goals

  • In the short term (3 years)
    To train 30 active childcare professionals from Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh on protection and the rights of the child.
  • In the mid-term (4-5 years)
    To train 100 professionals, who will in turn train those that follow in their footsteps, in their own countries.
  • In the long term (10 years and beyond)
    To instigate a system of protection and care for children in the above-mentioned countries, that is respectful of their rights.


Judges, social workers, lawyers, police, doctors, directors of NGO or UN organisations, journalists, professors, researchers and students at the end of their studies.

Training Programme offered

  • University level, diploma-certified education, achieved over 8 in-person training modules
  • Duration: 4 semesters. 3 for classes, group work or an internship, 1 for writing a final dissertation
  • The follow-up will be done in various ways: through refresher courses on the website and through project participation in the countries mentioned.
  • An interdisciplinary approach consisting of: law, sociology, pedagogy, psychology, social work, specialised education, demography, etc.
  • A balance between theory (basic knowledge) and practice (real situations)
  • Work will be done in English

Partnered Organisations

The IDE in association with:

  • University of Geneva's Center for Children's Rights Studies (Switzerland)
  • Kathmandu University
  • The NGO ‘Creating Possibilities’
  • Collaboration with UNICEF, UNHCR and the Consortium of local NGOs


Country, region: Asia (Nepal, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh)
Project start date: 
Financial partner: 
Puech Foundation
Project coordinator: 
Paola Riva Gapany (IDE)