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NEW : Healthy all together!

2020 sante pour tous

Through a playful and multidisciplinary approach, pupils discover what physical, psychological, social and environmental health is in relation to their rights stipulated in the 1989 Convention.

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Fiche élève Cycle 1 - Petites histoires pour parler de la santé
Fiche élève Cycle 2 - Activité 1 - Ma santé : une plante multicolore dont je prends soin
Fiche élève Cycle 2 - Activité 2 - La santé au coeur des droits de l’enfant
Fiche élève Cycle 3 - Activité 1 - Mon mandala santé
Fiche élève Cycle 3 - Activité 2 - Brèves du monde

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Right to life and future

2012 droit a la vie avenir

What does "right to life and to the future and its possibilities for action" as guaranteed by the CRC really mean? Experiment in a playful way how these great ideas are guaranteed by respect for basic needs and active solidarity towards future generations.

Fiche enseignant
Fiche élève Cycle 1 – «Un jeu pour mes droits»
Fiche élève Cycle 2 – «Pym Pépin-d'pomme»
Fiche élève Cycle 3 – «Je vote pour l’avenir!»

(2019) Participatory citizenship

2019 citoyennete participative

Sensitize students to the pioneering principle of children's participation, stipulated in article 12 of the CRC, from the perspective of a fundamental notion, that of participatory citizenship.

(2006) The right to participate

2006 droit participation

Discover the different possibilities for participation and understand why participation is sometimes limited. This resource kit looks at the future of children as responsible and participatory citizens.

Fiche enseignant
Fiche élève 4-8 ans – «Le coin-coin des droits de l'enfant»
Fiche élève 9-12 ans – «Construire la participation!»

(2018) Climate Change

2018 changement clim

Find out about the impact of climate change in Switzerland and abroad. Reflect on the eco-gestures of everyday life and the actions of citizens to cope with these changes.

Dossier enseignant

Fiches élève Cycle 1 - Même pas peur de la canicule

Fiche élève Cycle 2 - Même pas peur de la canicule

Fiche élève Cycle 3 - Tous égaux face à la sécheresse ou aux inondations?

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(2016) School bullying

2016 harcelement ecole

The school challenges students to 'live together', so it is important to build on children's rights to promote non-violent values, work on classroom atmosphere and attitudes that tend to tolerate, accept, encourage - or stop harassment - incivilities in the school environment.

Dossier enseignant
Fiche élève Cycle 1 - Memory des droits de l'enfant
Fiche élève Cycle 2 - La danse des brutes/Bully Dance
Activité pour le cycle 2 - Théâtre de marionnettes
Activité pour le cycle 3 - Jeux de rôle

(2009/2010) Children's rights hopscotch

2009 marelle droits enfant

Choose and adapt activities to relate each child's rights and duties to everyday situations. The proposed activities are part of the socialization work and contribute, for example, to the definition of the rules of life of the class.

Fiche enseignant Cycle 1
Fiche élève Cycle 1 – «La marelle des droits de l’enfant»
Fiche élève Cycle 2 – «Des droits et des devoirs pour tous»
Fiche élève Cycle 3 – «Regards de jeunes sur les droits de l'enfant»

(2007) Rights, values, duties

2007 droits valeurs devoirs

Link the rights of a child to the rights of others; where do duties and responsibilities begin? Here are some tools to react when rights are violated and relate children's rights to everyday situations or current events.

Fiche enseignant
Fiche élève 4-7 ans – «Les droits de l'enfant pour bien grandir»
Fiche élève 8-11 ans – «La machine à coulisse»
Fiche élève dès 12 ans – «Ma vie privée, ta vie privée...»

(2005) Values of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

2005 valeurs de la cde

Encourage each student to become aware of his or her behaviour as a citizen and allow them to relate these values to their life experiences, so that they can make them their own.

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Dossier élève

(2002) Children's Rights Day

2002 Journee droits enfant

Help each child to know and respect his or her rights and the rights of all children in the world: they will be better equipped to live their rights, duties, and to identify with dangerous or risky situations.

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(2001) Children's Rights Day

2001 Journee droits enfant

Carry out a joint action with several classes or the whole school, working with different age groups and involving parents in the life of the school.


(2017) Diversity

2018 changement clim

Address children's rights by taking a positive and participatory approach to differences that are often socially perceived as excluding factors - valuing the richness of diversity..

Dossier enseignant
Fiche élève Cycle 1 - Puzzle d’identité
Fiche élève Cycle 2 - Le masque des différences
Activité pour le cycle 3 - Monsieur et madame Normal-e

(2011) Mutual respect and integration at school

2011 respect mutuel et intégration

Involve your students in the construction of rules that make life and integration at school easier. Help them recognize otherness and develop mutual respect in the school community by reflecting on the right to be different.

Fiche enseignant
Fiche élève Cycle 1 – «La marionnette de mes droits»
Fiche élève Cycle 2 – «Au rythme des béquilles»
Fiche élève Cycle 3 – «Et le respect dans tout ça?»

(2004) How do we want to live together?

2004 comment vivre ensemble

Find age-appropriate activities and reflections on the rights and duties of each child, discussing situations where children's rights are respected and violated.

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Dossier élève
Posters 5-9 ans
Poster dès 10 ans

(2003) Right to non-discrimination and co-integration

2003 Droit non discri et co integration

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Compléments 5-18 ans
Jeu de l'oie 5-12 ans
Affiche dès 12 ans

(2014) Right to education and training

2014 droit éducation

Explain how education should aim at fostering the development of the child's personality and the development of his or her gifts; or the preparation for an active adult life, respect for human rights and respect for the cultural and national values of one's own country and that of others.

Fiche enseignant

Fiche élève Cycle 1 – «Shodaï à l'école»


Fiche élève Cycle 2 – «Une journée avec Moussa»


Fiche enseignant cycle 3 – «Chercher refuge - Rachel»


(2015) Right to freedom of expression

2015 droit liberte expression

Encourage your students to seek and impart information and ideas, and to express their opinions, as long as this does not infringe on the rights of others is a fundamental right.

Dossier enseignant
Fiche élève Cycle 1 - Rébus
Fiche élève Cycle 2 - Devinette
Fiche élève Cycle 3

(2013) Right to make choices

2013 droit de faire des choix

Reflect with your students on their right to make choices in a context that allows them to develop their abilities and skills, encouraging them to express themselves about the environment in which they wish to live, work and act.

Fiche enseignant
Fiche élève Cycle 1 – «Le coin-coin de mes droits»
Fiche élève Cycle 2 – «Participer, mais à quoi?»
Fiche élève Cycle 3 – «Un T-Shirt pour des droits!»