The Veillard-Cybulski Association Fund awards its Veillard-Cybulski 2014 Award on this Thursday November 20th, during the Conference The silent revolution: 25 years of children's rights, organised by the City of Geneva, the International Institute for the Rights of the Child and the Kurt Bösch University Institute for the celebration of CRC's 25th anniversary.

The two prize winners will share the amount of 5'000 CHF, to reward innovating work in the field in the area of treatment methods of children, adolescents and families in difficult situations, in the memory of Maurice Veillard-Cybulski and Henryka Veillard-Cybulska, who were barristers and children's champions.

The two recipients of the award who received the "ex-aequo" favour of the jury are: The Association Arte Libera, for the editing of the comics trip Des sportifs « très à droits », by the artist Trinco, and Mr. Numa Graa, for his doctoral thesis The history of penal juvenile law in the Canton of Vaud: 1803-1942.

To be the best, or to be better?

This is the question posed by the Association Arte Libera, for the promotion and the diffusion of cultural activities for the safeguard and the promotion of children's rights and human rights, by editing and distributing the comics trip Des sportifs « très à droits » by Carlo Trinco. In a first phase, some 30'000 comic books on the story of the Lavibel (the nice life) and Atoupri (at all price) families were distributed to school children in the Vaud canton aged 9 to 11, in an rights awareness raising framework, on the pleasure of sports.

The book was then made available to a larger public via libraries and an e-book format.

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The history of penal juvenile law in the canton of Vaud: 1803-1942

Through his doctoral thesis at the University of Lausanne, Numa Graa filled a historical and legal void by depicting the fundaments of penal juvenile law in the Ancien Regime and the complete evolution of this legislation until the entry into force of the Swiss penal code in 1942. The researcher studied this development in canton Vaud, while also commenting upon this development in the historical-legal contexts of neighbouring cantons and countries during the same timeframe. He tackles the question of how minor delinquents were treated in the canton according to the law, and in reality. The thesis was defended in 2012, and was published by the Historical Library of Vaud in June of 2013, in a scientific and commercial edition.

pdfResume (in French)

The Veillard-Cybulski Award represents the sum of 5'000 CHF, and is awarded every two years to works which contribute in an innovative way to the developments of methods of treatment of children, adolescents and families in difficult situations. In 2012, the Dignité en Détention (Dignity in Dentention, Didé) Foundation was awarded for its project on mental health for young detainees in Gitarama and Nyagatare in Rwanda. In 2010, the Terre des Hommes – Aide à l'enfance Foundation was awarded the prize, for its experience in the implementation of juvenile restorative justice in Peru.

The candidates' contributions are submitted, at the latest, on October 31st of the year preceding the prize. For more information: Veillard-Cybulski Award's Webpage. Pictures: gallery.