The Veillard-Cybulski Fund Association presented their award for 2012 during the closing ceremony of the annual seminar at the International Institute for the Rights of the Child. The DiDé Foundation (Dignity in Detention) was rewarded for its mental health project for young prisoners in Gitarama and Nyagatare in Rwanda.

The General Secretary of the Foundation, Marie-France Renfer, thanked the Veillard-Cybulski Fund Association (Fr) for their "overwhelming encouragement to continue our difficult and demanding work for youths that have been stripped of their freedom and particularly those in the painful context of post-genocide Rwanda".


The psycho-social treatment project for young prisoners in the Central Prison of Gitarama and the Correctional Centre of Nyagatare constitutes the backbone of a more general social reintegration project for detained boys and girls by making living in comfortable neighbourhoods possible, entirely equipped and separated from adults, as well as through schooling and professional training. Some 450 adolescents (12-18 year olds) and young adults who were minors at the time of their crimes (18-22 year olds) currently benefit from the project. They are supervised by 30 adults prisoners, selected and trained to work with them in their day-to-day lives. This project is also run by four Rwandan clinical psychologists and one volunteer expatriate clinical psychologist.

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