IDE Release, 14 July 2016

The Essentials in Juvenile JusticeThe International Institute for the Rights of the Child (IDE) in Sion/Switzerland is pleased to announce the publication of the book The Essentials in Juvenile Justice, edited under the direction of Philip D. Jaffé, Paola Riva Gapany, Renate Winter and Jean Zermatten. Nearly 30 experts in the field share their knowledge and experience with the professionals.

This book is intended for all those who have a keen interest in the field of Juvenile Justice. This includes all the professionals working in the Juvenile Justice system, those who deal with the reality of young people in conflict with the law, or who come into contact with the judicial system, as victims and / or as witnesses.

In this book, you will not find ready-made answers or magical recipes, but you will be provided with comprehensive information on the existing normative framework, a necessary, solid and objective foundation for any intervention. The various chapters address the main issues that arise from the moment professionals of numerous disciplines are mobilized into action at the many stages of the judicial process involving young people, and when necessary it promotes diversion from the traditional judicial procedures. It seeks to provide examples and good practices and, finally, it underscores the importance of advanced professional training.

This book owes much to its many authors, nearly thirty experts in the field, who have agreed to share their knowledge and experience, all of which is harmoniously set to music by the International Institute of the Rights of the Child, which has adopted Juvenile Justice as one of its main areas of excellence.

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