Since its establishment in 1993, the Theodora Foundation has continuously followed its aim of easing the pain of children in hospitals and specialized centers through fun and laughter. And to do so, the foundation organizes and finances the appearance of special "Giggle Doctors" every week.

Each artist has its own specialty – for example music, mimic, or magic – and entertains every child in a personal one-to-one way. Giggle Doctors are trained professional artists, working hand in hand with doctors and nurses.

In 2013, the 58 Giggle Doctors made a total of 90'000 children's visits in 34 hospitals and 20 specialized centers in Switzerland.

Supporting the idea that laughter is universal, the Theodora Foundation in Switzerland is at the origin of a network of associations and foundations, which also bear the name "Theodora" and act with the same philosophy. This network is currently active in seven other countries: France, Italy, England, Spain, Turkey, Belarus, and China (Hong Kong). These different organizations are, for the most part, financially independent, except for Turkey and Belarus, which receive financial support from Theodora Switzerland within a solidarity program.


thedora-2The Theodora Foundation has developed 3 special programs, according to the specific needs of the children:

  • Giggle Doctors

Staying in hospital is often emotionally disturbing and frightening for children. In unfamiliar surroundings, with serious things going on, they feel cut off from their family and friends. That's when the Giggle Doctors play a particularly important role. The work of a Giggle Doctor is tailored to the individual needs of each and every child in a supportive way.

The little patients can thus forget the hospital, if only for a while, and escape to a colorful world of fantasy that's bound to bring back smile and happiness. Giggle Doctors also take siblings and parents into account and ensure they share the fun.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Dream

The Mr. and Mrs. Dream program addresses children with disabilities. These children are not sick; instead, they live and develop at their own pace in a world of their own - a world that has much in common with the imaginary and fantasy-filled clowns' world.

Thanks to the sincere commitment, enthusiasm and close collaboration with the specialized centers, the Theodora Foundation succeeds in reaching these children and surmounting mental barriers. We continually strive to understand these children, enable their social integration and give them moments of pleasure.

  • Little Orchestra for the Senses

Introduced in 2013, the «Little Orchestra for the Senses» program represents both a musical and interactive animation which targets children with disabilities. The poetic spectacle, performed by a trio of artists in specialized centers visited by the Foundation, aims at giving children mutually shared moments of relaxation. Educators and parents are also included, with dancing and singing for everyone.


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