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The Student Workers' Movement Against Inequalities of Access to Health (M.E.T.I.S.) is an association of students based in Lausanne, Switzerland, which is fighting for everyone to have access to healthcare.

To do this, M.E.T.I.S. works on several projects, locally and internationally, which enables it to make a difference on different scales.

Originally composed only of medical students, M.E.T.I.S. today tries to broaden its spectrum and collaborate more with other health professionals, in an interdisciplinary way. 



  • Improve the knowledge and openness of the general population towards the situation of vulnerable populations in Switzerland and abroad.
  • Improve the skills of medical students in the area of vulnerable populations and international health.
  • Improve access to health for vulnerable populations.


To achieve these objectives, 6 projects have been created:

1. Breaking The Silence in Lausanne: To develop knowledge and respect of the deaf culture in the healthcare sector, in order to improve the care of deaf and hearing-impaired patients. Two introductory classes in French Sign Language have been set up at the Vaud University Hospital Center (CHUV).

2. Interpreters, also in Lausanne: improves the management of allophone patients at the Emergency Department of the University Medical Polyclinic (PMU) and the Center of Nursing Health (CSI) of Béthusy by proposing a number of health interpretation students.

2018 04 ONG mois metis 23. CALWHA (Children and Adolescents Living With HIV / AIDS): Improving the health and well-being of children and adolescents living on Ukerewe Island and in the coastal city of Shirati, Tanzania, as well as knowledge of health and HIV.

4. MNA (Unaccompanied minors): offer daily school support to the Chablais and Chasseron Foyer in Lausanne. Establishment of activities such as cooking workshops or football tournaments with students and young people from home.

5. Training: organization of conferences, free and open to all, in order to inform and raise public awareness on topics such as access to health for vulnerable populations in Switzerland or abroad.

6. S.U.E.R.T.E (Solidarios y Unidos para Eradicar Tuberculosis en Ecuador): social immersion in the public health sector in Ecuador, this project supports Ecuador's national program for the fight against tuberculosis and is implemented in health centers and hospitals in Quito. It aims to improve the care of patients with respiratory symptoms to ensure a good diagnosis of tuberculosis and inform the local population about the disease as a preventative measure.


Movement of Students Working against Inequalities of Access to Health
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Website: www.metislausanne.com
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