Thirteen members of the steering committee for a project aimed at reinforcing the juvenile justice system in Tunisia visited the International Institute for the Rights of the Child (IDE) from the 2nd to the 6th of June. This project was established with the help of UNICEF and financed by the European Union. Interviews with the head of the delegation, Mrs Sana Bhar, and Mrs Aida Ghorbel from UNICEF, performed by Evelyne Monnay.

06-06 delegation-tunisie

The Tunisian delegation and the director of the IDE, M. Jean Zermatten (centre). In his right: Mrs Sana Bhar, head of the delegation, followed by Mrs Aida Ghorbel, representative for UNICEF Tunisia.

The goal of this visit from Tunisia was to strengthen participants' abilities in justice systems specific to children, intersectorial coordination and networking.

To this effect, the IDE organised a variety of classes and speeches. On the agenda: a presentation of the Swiss system with visits to institutions in Valais (visit of the Saint Raphaël Institute - open - and of Pramont - closed), a visit to a juvenile court, a mediation office (pilot project) and the minors brigade in Fribourg. This also included work on international standards and key concepts in matters of juvenile justice, accompanied by specialists in the field (most notably Jean Zermatten, Michel Lachat, Renate Winter). The AEMO, an alternative to legal aid, was presented as well. A particular emphasis was placed on the collaboration of different groups working in juvenile justice systems, to enhance the efficacy of handling cases.

UNICEF Tunisia was requisitioned by the European Union to support the Minister of Justice and its partners in the establishment of this programme of reinforcement. Aida Ghorbel is the representative of this UN organisation in Tunisia. Listen to mp3her interview (in French).

Listen tomp3 Sana Bhar's interview, from the Cabinet of the Minister of Justice, Human Rights and Transitional Justice, and head of the delegation (In French).

The IDE is regularly asked to contribute to the vocational training of professionals of juvenile justice from many countries, through the use of these tailor-made training programmes.

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