As part of its "custom made" training in child rights, the International Institute for the Rights of the Child (IDE) is launching a new program for professionals involved in the care of children at risk and in conflict with the law, in Algeria. Carried out in collaboration with UNICEF and the School of Superior Magistrates, this program aims to setup training modules for trainers and is open to all stakeholders in the criminal justice system (prosecutors, judges, lawyers , psychologists, police, social workers and penitentiary agents). Its goal is to obtain an interdisciplinary reflex and to improve the coordination and collaboration between those involved in juvenile justice.

Participants in this training, which prioritises the theory/practice confrontation, come from the three Wilayas of Algier, Constantine and Oran. The subjects taught in the four modules (each of which lasts for a period of 5 days) focus on the major international standards of juvenile justice and on the law in practice in Algeria. Between these modules, participants carry out a number of tasks, including readings, an internship of at least 3 days in another profession, as well as personal work.

A phase of continuous training, supervision and monitoring for all these "future" trainers will be provided at the end of the training itself. It may be conducted by the School of Superior Magistrates.

Head of training at the IDE: Michel Lachat

More information on training in juvenile justice by the IDE.

pdfRead the article published on the first July 2014 in the algerian newspaper El Moudjadid (in French).