It's time to revisit the thinking of this pioneer of children's rights. Last editorial of IDE's website, by Samuel Morard.

Why do so many young people around the world, no matter how physically fit they are, hate their bodies as they are? Editorial by Célia Roh.

Save the dates of the May Symposium 2019 which will take place on May 2-3 in Geneva! Topic: "Children's Rights and Religious Beliefs: Autonomy, Education, Tradition"

Munchausen's syndrome by proxy is a form of abuse whereby a parent falsifies or causes symptoms of illness in their child in order to submit them to numerous medical procedures. Editorial by Chiara Dieguez and Manon Juillerat.

The elected word of the year 2013 and true societal phenomenon, where every second, 1'076 selfies are taken around the world... Report of the Veillard-Cybulski Forum 2018 by Sule Uregen.


Approximately once a week, the International Institute for the Rights of the Child releases on its Website an editorial on a children's rights related topic. The theme either has a link with breaking news or with the research activites of the editorial writer.

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