The Veillard-Cybulski Association Fund aims to reward particuarly worthy efforts, especially those who make a new contribution to the development of methods of treatment of children and adolescents and their families in difficulty. To do this, the association began in 1990 by awarding, at first every four years, and since 2010 every two years, a prize for work that has been submitted to a jury of experts in the field.

Applications should be sent to:

Association Fonds Veillard-Cybulski
CP 4176
1950 Sion 4
Phone +41 (0)27 205 73 03
Fax +41 (0)27 205 73 02
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The winner receives a prize of CHF 5,000 (approx. € 4,000).

This award is presented at the Quadrennial Congress of the International Association of Youth and Family Judges and Magistrates (IAYFJM) or during events organized in collaboration with the IAYFJM .

The work of candidates must be submitted at the latest until October 31st of the year preceding the award (see the pdfrules for details).

Award winners

  • 2018: Laura DEL NOSTRO (Switzerland)
    Turning pages to better turn the page - Creative project around reading for young offenders at the Pramont closed educational center
    «Slam», brochure produced following the workshops conducted by the association LireL!ve at the Pramont center in March 2017
    as well as:
    Susanna BORDA CARULLA (Switzerland)
    Child Protection and Social Regulation in Colombia: Ethnology of Community Homes in Ciudad Bolívar (Bogotá)
  • 2016: Heemi TAUMAUNU (New Zealand)
    Decision of the Jury
    The Rangatahi Court - Background and Operating protocols
  • 2014: Association Arte Libera (Switzerland)
    Des sportifs «très à droits»
    as well as:
    Numa GRAA (Switzerland)
    History of criminal law for children and juveniles in the Canton Vaud (Switzerland): 1803-1942
  • 2012: DiDé Fondation (Dignity in Detention)
    Mental health project for young inmates of Gitarama and Nyagatare in Rwanda
  • 2010: Fondation Terre des hommes - Helping children worldwide (Switzerland)
    Experience of the implementation of Restorative Juvenile Justice in Peru
  • 2006: Dieudonné EYIKÉ-VIEUX (Cameroon)
    The minor and the Cameroonian penal law. Socio-legal study
  • 2002: Veronica L. CANALE, Maria A. ALEGRE, Gabriela I. GUTIERREZ (Argentina)
    Support system for youth under protection
    as well as:
    Daniel STOECKLIN (Switzerland)
    Street children in China
  • 1998: Marceline GABEL (France)
    Abuse: Repetition - Evaluation
    as well as:
    Arsenio Francisco MENDOZA (Argentina)
    The right to life and identity
  • 1994: Juan RABASA et Patrice VILLETTAZ (Switzerland)
    Youth facing drugs or: what preventive policy with regards to youth?
  • 1990: Anne-Marie NUNES DE SOUZA (Brazil)
    An experience of family therapy