The Veillard-Cybulski Fund Association saw its inception in August 1986 in Lausanne, Switzerland, to honour the memory and work of Judges Maurice Veillard-Cybulski and Henryka Veillard-Cybulska, magistrates and friends of children.

The aims

The aims of the Association are:

  • to encourage scientific activities to improve legal protection for young people and families,
  • to support studies, enquiries, research, treaties or work related to the theme of the congress or of the seminars of the International Association of Youth and Family Judges and Magistrates (IAYFJM),
  • to reward particularly deserving work, above all that which makes a new contribution to perfecting methods of treating children, adolescents and their families when in difficulty.


Since 1990, the Veillard-Cybulski Fund Association has been giving out its Veillard-Cybulski Award in the mark of the IAYFJM General Assembly.

From 2012 on, the Association organizes a yearly Forum on a topical issue related to juvenile justice in Switzerland.

The Committee

Following the September 10th, 2010 General Assembly, the Committee of the Association includes:

  • Mr. Xavier Lavanchy, President (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • Mr. Michel Lachat, Vice-President
  • Mr. Jean Zermatten, Treasurer
  • Ms. Alexandra Prince, Secretary
  • Mr. Olivier Boillat
  • Ms. Avril Calder, Head of IAYFJM
  • Ms. Malgorzata Cybulska Cerruti
  • Ms. Corinne Dupasquier-Vuilleumier
  • Mr. Claude Pahud
  • Ms. Danièle Vuilleumier-Chabloz

Since the moment it was founded in 1986 until 2010, the Association was chaired by Mr André Dunant, former Juvenile Judge.

Judge Maurice Veillard-Cybulski (1894-1978)

Maurice Veillard was born in 1894 in Lausanne, Switzerland. He completed Law studies, followed by a Doctorate at the Lausanne University. In 1918, he married Marthe Jolmini, and their marriage was blessed with four daughters. Widowed, Judge Veillard remarried Henryka Cybulska. Judge of the Lausanne constituency, and then first President of the Vaud, Switzerland cantonal Juvenile Court as of 1941, Maurice Veillard was lecturer at University. He chaired the Swiss Juvenile Justice Society, the International Association of Youth and Family Judges and Magistrates (IAYFJM), and the International Union of Family Organizations (IUFO).

His writings (including "Pionniers de l’action sociale", a reference) and his influence contributed to promote a European social approach of children facing Justice.

His notes have been recently published (2007) under the title "Crapauds de gamins! Notes d'un juge de l'enfance 1942-1977" (Damned rascals! Notes of a Juvenile Judge), D’en-bas publisher.

Judge Henryka Veillard-Cybulska (1908-2003)

Henryka Nalecz was born in 1908 in Lublin, Poland. Married at first to Stanislaw Cybulski and mother of two, she went on studying. After graduating in Law and Philosophy-Psychology, she achieved a Doctorate in Law in Poland.

During World War II, she involved herself relentlessly in her country (YMCA, Red Cross, Clandestine University, Clandestine Polish Army). Widowed in 1943 during the Occupation, she was appointed magistrate in 1946, and then from 1951 Chair of the Lodz Juvenile Court.

She followed an academic career (teaching juvenile criminology, minor and family law) as well as an international career within IAYFJM, as a Deputy Secretary General (1966-1982), within the International Federation of Women Lawyers (Board Member), and other NGOs.

For many years, she was the redactor of the IAYFJM Chronicle, and published numerous articles. In collaboration with her second husband, Maurice Veillard, she wrote a reference book "Les jeunes délinquants dans le monde : ce qu'ils font, ce qu'ils sont, ce qu'on fait pour eux" (Young Delinquents Across the world: What they do, What they are, What is being done for them) Delachaux et Niestlé Publisher, 1963.

In 1986, Judge Henryka Veillard-Cybulska provided the Association Fund Veillard-Cybulski with a generous donation, to honour the memory of her husband, and maintain the struggle of their life.