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The Rights of the Child in International Law

The Rights of the Child in International Law
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The application of child rights still remains weak in certain countries and there are pockets where children have no rights. There is also a general weakness in the training of professionals: it is the reason of this book, meant for the training of those who work with and for children, as well as for all undergraduate and postgraduate students, and for all those who show an interest in the topic. In a practical and descriptive way, the publication provides all useful information pertaining to the CRC and its 3 Optional Protocols, and pertinent international instruments linked to children’s rights. The book also sets rights in their historical context and follows their rapid evolution, benefiting from the jurisprudence provided by the CRC Committee: it pays particular attention to all the actors who play a role in the implementation of the CRC and to the implementation challenges the CRC is currently facing.

Commander (Ed. Stämpfli)