Board of trustees

  • Mr. Jean-Dominique Vassalli - President
  • Ms. Michèle Burnier - Secretary and Treasurer
  • Mr. Yvon Heller - Member
  • Mr. Philip D. Jaffé - Member
  • Ms. Frédérique Stoeffler - Member

The team

  • Mr Stephen Langton - Director
  • Ms. Cilgia Caratsch - Program Director
  • Ms. Aline Sermet - Scientific Collaborator and Head of Project
  • Ms. Johanna Le Berre - Accountant
  • Ms. Alexandra Prince - Head of Administration

Moreover, the IDE maintains a wide network of foreign experts capable of lecturing in many different languages and on many varying themes pertaining to the various IDE training programmes. This network of experts is also on hand to provide a wealth of documentation for various training and awareness-raising activities.