The IDE’s activity is based on two axes:

  • Provide professional training for those working with and for the children, in order for children’s rights to be better recognized, respected and implemented. These professionals are diverse, given that children are present in all intervention and action domains (school, care institutions, health, migration, protection, violence, justice, social security…)
  • Awareness raising among the greater public and professionals as to the existence, content and exigencies of children’s rights, such as defined by the Convention, its three additional protocols and other pertinent international treaties and documents (ILO, WHO, UNESCO, UNHCR…).

The IDE is also active in the field of research and works in a network on a global scale.


  • Providing training for professionals
  • Engineering training in children’s rights:
    • Defining and developing courses and curricula
    • Preparing training didactic material

Awareness raising


  • The IDE maintains regular contact with the representatives of executive, legal and academic national/international authorities, as well as with UN agencies and a number of NGOs.
  • In West Africa, the IDE has brought together child-care professionals and journalists who are sympathetic to children’s rights, in order to create a network (RAFY) to win the fight against child trafficking.
  • The IDE hosts the headquarters of the Veillard-Cybulski Fund Association, which supports innovative work in the field of care for troubled youth, and awards the Veillard-Cybulski award.
  • The Sarah Oberson Foundation, which organizes training days to inform the public in Western Switzerland to children’s suffering, is also hosted by the IDE.