In 2015, the Valais canton will commemorate the 200 years since its entry into the Swiss Confederation. Being an organization that is deeply rooted in the local society, the International Institute for the Rights of the Child (IDE) decided to celebrate this anniversary by carrying out a research (entitled "Generations") on the topic of the evolution of the perception of children and their place in Valais society from 1815 to 2015. The project put forward by the IDE was selected as one of twelve "Star-projects" (in reference to the stars on the Valais flag) which were retained by the canton for the celebration.

cp1946 petit-chevrier albin-salamin

Photograph by Albin Salamin, (Post card sent from Château-d'Oex on August 3 1946)

Entitled "The child in Valais from 1815 to 2015. From Jean-Baptiste, the little goat keeper, to Anna Luisa, interconnected adolescent", this project is conjointly lead by the IDE and the University of Geneva's Center for Children's Rights Studies (CCRS). The approach is interdisciplinary, bilingual, intergenerational and gender-based.

2015 Universal Children’s Day and the Mai 2015 Symposium, have been both devoted to this theme. The research was undertaken throughout the Valais canton between January 1 2014 and April 31 2016, under the leadership of M. Jean-Henri Papilloud.