The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which has been ratified by 195 States and constitutes IDE’s working tool and reference, came into force on the 20th of November 1989.

The day was declared Universal Children’s Day. The IDE traditionally celebrates this anniversary by organizing an awareness-raising event.

For example, IDE organized commemorating days on the following topics

2018 Meeting on Child Participation
2017 20 years of the rights of the child in Switzerland: Word given to children and young people
2016 Living and doing together... A right and a challenge?
2015 Joint parental authority - What about the child's rights?
2014 The children's rights are 25!
2013 Does the protection of children’s rights stop at borders?
2012 Parental addictions and children’s rights: theories and practices under construction
2009 Enfan’phare: 20 years of the Convention on the rights of the child
2007 Publication of 18 Candles : The Convention on the Rights of the Child Reaches Majority,
in collaboration with the United Nations High Commissioner to Human Rights (OHCHR)