During the month of May, the International Institute for the Rights of the Child will organise its traditional symposium on children’s rights, which will be more regional (Europe) in scope compared to the international Symposium in October, which aim is clearly to tackle worldwide issues before an international audience.

This awareness raising event was organized by/with the Kurt Bösch University Institute (IUKB), until the said Institute was dissolved in 2014, becoming the Interfaculty Centre in Children’s Rights Studies of the University of Geneva (CCRS).

In addition to the IUKB/CCRS, other partners specialised in various issues are involved, for example the Council of Europe, or the School of applied pedagogy in Valais, Western Switzerland.

Discussed Themes

2019 Children's Rights and Religious Beliefs
2018 To Better Protect Children in Switzerland: Ban All Corporal Punishment?
2017 The rights of the child in migration situations in Switzerland: protection, benefits, participation
2016 The new forms of parenthood: the time of sharing... and the child?
2015 The child in Valais 1815 - 2015
2014 Children, families, and the State: Are children’s rights in danger?
2013 The right of the child and the adolescent to the freedom of sexual orientation and to gender identity
2012 Bullying: raising awareness in schools
2011 Adolescents and alcohol, an explosive cocktail. From experimentation to de-socialization.
2010 Young perpetrators of sexual abuse
2009 Between education and repression. Cross-cutting views on the criminal jurisdiction of minors.