Once a year in October, the International Institute for the Rights of the Child (IDE) brings together specialists from different disciplines, authorities from different levels, as well as students and field-workers around an issue relative to children’s rights, on the occasion of a large-scale international seminar.

United Nations actors, representatives from governments, the private sector and from associations reflect together on the best possible actions to take faced with an issue such as, for example, sexual tourism implicating children (2013), Child Rights and the Business Sector (2012) or the impact of climate change on children (2011). Workshops are paired with conferences and recommendations are put forth at the close of the week-long seminar.

The International Seminar in Sion is a flagship event among the IDE’s awareness-raising activities.

Covered Topics

2016 International Alternative Care Conference
2015 The child in Valais from 1815 to 2015
2013 Sexual tourism implicating children: prevention, protection, prohibition and care
for victims
2012 Child Rights and the Business Sector: Urging States and Private Companies to meet
their Obligations
2011 Climate Change: Impacts on Children and on their Rights
2010 Harmful Practices and Human Rights
2008 Children as Victims and Witnesses. A Question of Law… and of Rights.
2007 Children in street situations. Prevention, intervention, rights-based approach.
2006 Rights of Children Living with Disabilities
2005 Right to Education: Solution to all Problems or Problem without Solution?
2004 Child Trafficking: a Fatality? From Field Reality to Better Practices
2003 The Rights of the Child and HIV/AIDS: From Taboos to Intervention Strategies
2002 The Rights of the Child: What about Girls?
2001 Child and War
2000 Foreigners, Migrants, Refugees, Asylum Seekers, Illegal Immigrants… And the Rights
of the Child?
1999 100 Years of Juvenile Justice: Appraisal and Perspectives
1998 A champion at any cost? Children's rights and sports
1997 Children and work: An acceptable coexistence? A children's rights based approach
1996 Children's rights and the delicate issue of application: the letter or the spirit?
1995 Children's rights: a beautiful statement? What next?