In recent years, IDE has specialized its work in mediation with the aim of strengthening the skills of professionals using alternative dispute resolution methods. Thus, IDE has set up training modules for actors from various disciplines.  

Tailor-made training, examples:

Training in penal and civil mediation in Burkina Faso

Course title : The place of mediation in judicial proceedings concerning minors in conflict with the law

Partner(s) : Terre des Hommes – Aide à l’Enfance

Target group :Customary chiefs from the traditional chiefdoms of Ouagadougou and Bobo Dioulasso

Objectives :

  • To deepen a preliminary training in penal mediation for minors  
  • Cross-referencing of views and practices between prosecutors and mediators in the referral of cases to mediation  
  • To analyse, exchange and discuss the implementation of the collaboration mechanism between judicial and community actors as an opportunity to improve juvenile justice

Language : French, Jula and Mossi

Location: Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)

Format : face-to-face, plenary and workshops 

Diploma obtained : Attendance certificate

Remarks : Report and more information on the website of Terre des hommes - Aide à l'Enfance

Tailor-made training examples

Interdisciplinary Approaches to High Conflict Family Transitions

Course title: Building co-parenting: interdisciplinarity and the place of the child in high conflict situations

Partner(s) : Groupement Pro Médiation, Astural, Fédération Genevoise MédiationS, Haute École de Travail Social Geneva 

Target group : judicial authorities and child protection professionals

Objectives :

  • to present interdisciplinary court-managed care arrangements for separating families 
  • reflect on the benefits of interdisciplinary care of family situations involving child protection measures 
  • analyse the different professional postures at play in interdisciplinary systems 
  • strengthen the skills of professionals on the place and well-being of children at the heart of family separations  

Language : French

Date & Location : 24, 25 and 26 november 2020 in Geneva, Haute école de travail social

Format : face-to-face, one conference and two days of training 

Diploma obtained : Attendance certificate

Remarks : Argumentation, programme and GPM registration 

Tailor-made training, examples

Regional round table on criminal and civil mediation practices for children

Course title : Regional round table on criminal and civil mediation practices for children

Partner(s) : Terre des hommes Foundation, child relief and the Mediator of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire

Target group :  actors of the West African judicial systems and traditional justice actors

Objectives :

  • To identify, in the national legislations of the participating countries, the mechanisms allowing the implementation of penal and family mediation measures in favour of minors ;
  • To share experiences and identify good practices in the field of mediation carried out by traditional justice actors (such as traditional chiefs, customary chiefs, religious leaders, heads of families and neighbourhood chiefs) and official justice actors, and to exchange on the relevance of strengthening collaboration between official and traditional mechanisms;
  • To identify the limits faced by justice actors in the implementation of mediation measures ;
  • To stimulate the "rights of the child" reflex, in particular the right to be heard and to have one's opinion duly taken into account, in the implementation of mediation processes ;
  • To discuss strategies that support the improvement of coordination between the actors of the formal and traditional justice systems in the field of mediation for juveniles ;
  • To reflect on the establishment of a monitoring mechanism for this new regional community of practice and to promote regular exchanges between the actors present at this round table

Language : French

Location : Grand-Bassam (Ivory Coast)

Format : Face-to-face

Diploma obtained: Attendance certificate

RemarksReport produced during the regional round table