Juvenile justice

Juvenile justice

IDE's expertise in the field of juvenile justice is widely recognized. Many countries or private and public institutions deal with IDE to set up juvenile justice training courses based on a restorative approach and addressed to all juvenile justice sector actors. 

Moreover, IDE has also developed a "Juvenile Justice Trainer's Guide", which aims at offering a practical tool adapted to the context of professional trainers in the field of juvenile justice in Senegal. 

CAS Juvenile justice

Course title : CAS Juvenile justice

Partener(s) : Interfaculty Centre for Children's Rights of UNIGE

Target group : Professionals working with children and adolescents in conflict or in contact with the law: police officers, prosecutors, judges, lawyers, staff of public and prison institutions, educators, psychologists, doctors (paediatricians, child psychiatrists, etc.), criminologists, migration professionals, actors of non-governmental and international organizations, researchers.

Objectives :

  • To train professionals in the understanding and implementation of juvenile justice based on a restorative approach ;
  • To know the different tools and methods of intervention centred on the rights of the child ;
  • To develop projects and interventions with children in conflict or in contact with the law while respecting the rights of the child.

Language : Spanish

Format : Distance learning

Diploma obtained : Certificate of Continuing Education (CAS) in Juvenile Justice

Remarks : More info at: https://www.unige.ch/cide/fr/formations/formations-distance/cas-en-justice-juvenile/

Past trainings

CAS Child Victims, Child Witnesses: The Word of the Child in Justice

Course title : CAS Child Victims, Child Witnesses: The Word of the Child in Justice

Partner(s) : Interfaculty Centre for Children’s Rights of UNIGE

Target group: Professional staff working in the field of the judiciary (members of civil and criminal juvenile courts, specialized prosecutors' offices, specialized registry staff), the bar (lawyers and trainee lawyers), the police (members of police forces, in particular juvenile brigades), child protection (child protection workers, psychologists attached to protection services, protection service lawyers, mediators)

Objectives :

  • To strengthen the skills of professionals in dealing with children and adolescents, especially children and adolescents who, for various reasons, are involved in the justice or protection system ;
  • To understand and evaluate the impact of children's rights on professional practices and judicial/administrative intervention ;
  • Acquire new knowledge in the field of child hearing in the light of the progress made, the protocols put in place and multidisciplinary research ;
  • To create a network of expertise. 

Language : French

Location : Interfaculty Centre for Children’s Rights (CIDE), University of Geneva (Valais Campus), Sion-Bramois, Switzerland

Format : in attendance

Diploma obtained : Certificate of Continuing Education (CAS) Child Victims, Child Witnesses: The Word of the Child in Justice

Tailor-made training, examples:

Training of trainers in juvenile justice

Course title : Training of trainers in juvenile justice 

Partner(s) : Directorate of Human Security of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs by the Embassy of Switzerland in Dakar and Centre de formation judiciaire in Dakar (Senegal)

Target group : 64 juvenile justice professionals (magistrates, police officers, prison officers, specialized educators, lawyers) from all regions of Senegal

Objectives : The general objective of the programme is to improve the training of professionals, taking into account their needs. The specific objectives are:

  • The specialization of professionals ;
  • Learning to "work better together" ;
  • The valorisation of professions related to juvenile justice intervention.   

Language : French

Lieu : Dakar (Senegal) et Sion (Switzerland)

Format : face-to-face, 4 modules of 5 days

Diploma obtained : Attendance certificate

Remarks :The project, which started in 2012, covers all regions of Senegal.

Training modules on the theme of juvenile justice

Tailor-made training, examples

Course title : Training modules on the theme of juvenile justice in the framework of the Bulgarian project "Strentghening the legal and institutional capacity of the judicial system in the field of juvenile justice".

Partner(s) : Swiss-Bulgarian Cooperation Programme and Minister of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria

Target group : actors in the penal chain (magistrates, mediators, lawyers, police officers, social workers, psychologists)


  • Consolidate the competences of juvenile justice actors 
  • Developing knowledge in the field of children's rights and juvenile justice 
  • Propose tools for professionals 

Language: French or English and translated into Bulgarian 

Location : Bulgaria and Switzerland 

Format : face-to-face: three modules on juvenile justice, a visit to Switzerland, a specialisation module for lawyers, a module for trainers in juvenile justice, a module on penal mediation of minors and a module on hearing the child

Diploma obtained : attendance certificate

Remarks :The programme started in 2014 with an analysis of the Bulgarian juvenile justice system.