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Since 1994

SINCE 1994

1994-2000                              2000-2005                              2006-2010                              2010-2015                              2016-2020



Birth in Sion/Bramois of IDE, mother: International Association of Juvenile and Family Magistrates (AIMJF); father: the Kurt Bösch University Institute (IUKB).


May 10, the IDE foundation is created. Founders: Messrs. Bernard Comby, President, Jean Zermatten, Vice-President, Jean-Pierre Rausis, Treasurer, Ms. Renate Winter, Mr. Michel Lachat, members. Objectives: to create a "Children's Rights" culture, raise awareness and promote the Rights of the Child, raise awareness among professionals and inspire legislators. The IDE develops its activities abroad and in Switzerland, on 2 axes: awareness and training. Slogan: Raise awareness - Train - Act.


First international seminar “The rights of the child: a beautiful declaration!” and after ? Since then, 20 international seminars organized on subjects related to the “rights of the child”.


First publication of the IDE “One Convention, several perspectives. The rights of the child between theory and practice”. Full list of publications at


International Seminar “One Hundred Years of Juvenile Justice”.


Collaboration contract with the SDC to open a website, develop a legislative database and distance learning. Staff commitment.


Opening of (French, English and Spanish, Chinese in 2006).


Launch of the 1st “International and Interdisciplinary Master in children’s rights” with the University of Fribourg, the IUKB and the CIDE of the University of Geneva (UNIGE). Academic training still in existence.


“Launch of the first” instead of “launch of the 1st”.


Development and implementation of the following degree courses: • Interdisciplinary Masters in Children's Rights (MIDE): collaboration with IUKB. • DAS “Child Protection” (DPE), with IUKB and Conference of Youth Protection Services of the Latin Cantons. • DAS “Psycho-judicial expertise for children and adolescents” (DEPJ), with IUKB, UNIGE and UNIL. • CAS “Parole de l'Enfant en Justice”, collaboration with IUKB and the OAK Foundation. • CASE “Violence, classroom management and children's rights. Intervention Strategies”, with IUKB and Education 21. • CAS “Juvenile Justice in Latin America”, with UNIGE and the Terre des hommes Foundation (Tdh).


IDE obtains consultative status with ECOSOC (UN)


The IDE obtains consultative status from the OIF (Organisation de la Francophonie).


Creation of the Children's Rights Trail (16 children's rights, each represented by a different animal). Illustrated publication, book-disc and show for children.


1st Summer University around the rights of the child. This training continues.


Beginning of work on harmful practices, particularly against girls.


Production with Carole Rousssopoulos of the DVD: “Mutilated women, never again! »


Publication “18 Candles. The CRC reaches Majority”, collaboration with OHCHR.


Launch by IUKB, with IDE and UNIFR, of the interdisciplinary MAS in children's rights (MIDE), currently organized under the direction of the CIDE.


Production with Carole Rousssopoulos of the DVD: “Forced marriages, never again! »


Celebration of the 20th anniversary of the CDE in Martigny, CERM. Great popular success.


Didactic manual for professionals “Female genital mutilation”.


Launch of the CAS: “The Word of the Child in Justice” supported by the OAK Foundation.


IDE opens a branch in Geneva.


Nepal: Collaboration over several years with the NGO "Creating possibilities", including module: "Introducing the rights of the child in the new Nepalese Constitution".


Publication: “Enfan’Phare: 20 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child”.


Start of work for teachers in the Czech Republic and First seminar: “Best practices experiences in education on children’s rights for the Czech Republic”. Linked to the program with the Czech NGO Cesko-Britska. End of 2017 programs.


Mission to Senegal to assess the juvenile justice system. Start of a regular activity for the improvement of Juvenile Justice and the rights of the child. Several training courses in JJ for professionals and CAS in children's rights. Activities since 2012. Collaboration still active.


The Swiss Competence Center for Human Rights (CSDH) begins its work. The IUKB and the IDE direct the activities in the field of childhood and youth.


IUKB/IDE international conference, on the theme: The right of children and adolescents to their sexual orientation and gender identity; symposium which has become annual.


International seminar “The silent revolution: 25 years of children’s rights”.


First continuing education module with the China Welfare Institute and the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (Institute of Youth and Juvenile Studies).


The IDE carries out 4 modules for 25 professionals (police officers, prosecutors, judges, social workers and psychologists) in Algiers, from May 2014 to January 2015.


External evaluation of the IDE.


Decisions of the Foundation Board of governance and new management.


Changes in relations with the Interfaculty Center of the University of Geneva. The CIDE becomes a privileged partner of the IDE for all training in Switzerland and abroad. Solid partnership and a positive impact on training and added value for participants.


Implementation of a first CAS in children's rights delivered with the Judicial Training Center in Dakar.


IDE carries out with the CIDE and the SHVR a research "The child in Valais from 1815 to 2015. From Jean-Baptiste, the little goatherd to Ana Luisa, interconnected teenager".


The MOOC Children´s Human Rights: an Interdisciplinary Introduction, prepared with the CIDE and various international experts, is launched on the Coursera platform. MOOC still active today:


Publication of "The child in Valais, from 1815 to 2015" illustrated, composed of 3 volumes, produced in collaboration with the Historical Society of Valais Romand.


Publication of “Juvenile justice: the fundamentals”.


Publication of the methodological guide “Society Friendly to Children in Difficulties”, in collaboration with the Czech NGO Cesko-Britska.


Publication of “The Essentials in Juvenile Justice”.


Publication “History of children, in Valais, from 1815 to 2015”.


Launch of the CAS in child protection and rights, with the Institute of Human Rights and Peace of Cheikh Anta Diop University (UCAD):


IDE is launching a MOOC for the Horn of Africa: “Through the Horn of Africa: Take Action for the Rights of the Child”.


IDE is carrying out a 4-day training course for Terre des hommes for 45 customary chiefs from Burkina Faso (Tdh project, strengthening the links between formal justice and customary justice).


Partnership with the Canton of Valais: to highlight the achievements in the field of the integration of children with disabilities, the current needs of professionals, parents and children concerned. Final document addressed to the authorities.


During all these years of activity, IDE has developed numerous training courses, provided in Sion or abroad for more than 30 countries (eg Burma, Cameroon, Ukraine, Iran, Georgia, Tajikistan, Algeria, China, etc. ), mainly in juvenile justice, but also in other fields.