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The impact of the Ebola epidemics on children’s rights: a scoping review

Article: 2061240 | Received 04 Jan 2022, Accepted 28 Mar 2022, Published online: 04 May 2022

Irene Lunghi, Awa Babington-Ashaye, Jean-Dominique Vassalli, Yvon Heller, Pierre-André Michaud, Didier Wernli, Olivia Heller, Antoine Flahault & Stéphanie Dagron

Environmental education:
How to engage children in the fight against the climate crisis?

On 16th December 2021, a webinar organised by Terre des hommes, Association 30 ans Droit de l’Enfant and the International Institute for the Rights of the Child took place. Approximately 20 Swiss participants were invited reflecting various political, academical and social institutions that work on the topic of child rights and education. The main objectives were to confront different point of views and to identify best practices to integrate the theme of the environment and the process of climate change into educational programmes.

What are the children’s roles in this context?”, stated Jonas Schubert, Terre des hommes Germany and in charge of the Consultation’s process. “They need to have access to information, education, freedom of expression and manifestation and the right to being listened to.

Discussions were intense and certain findings stood out of attendees. For instance, participants agreed that awareness-raising must continue but gradually give more space to concrete actions, at individual level but also on political decisions. The involvement of children should increase, and their voices should be heard and have more impact on political institutions. The group insisted on the fact that adults have to be careful and not put the entire future of the world on the shoulders of their children.

The inputs of this webinar will feed the consultation process launched to hear experts, children and youth on environmental rights.