The state of children’s rights in China is worrying, as with the country’s great economic boom has come large-scale inequalities. These discrepancies raise the risk that human rights, in particular those of children, may not be respected.

chineChinese authorities are aware of the enormous challenges their country faces, which international events such as the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and Expo 2010 Shanghai China can no longer mask. They remain timid, however, to the idea of international cooperation as it pertains to the rights of children.

In 2005, authorities nevertheless approached the Institute on the Rights of the Child (IDE), requesting training programmes on the protection and rights of children. Since 2006, the IDE has developed a Chinese page on the IDE website and has led seminars on children’s rights. A new phase of the project means to develop university-level training programmes on the subject. The IDE and the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences signed an agreement on training programmes for students, and professionals with responsibilities notably in education, health and the justice system. The development of these activities will allow us to judge the level of training required on matters pertaining to children’s rights.

Project Goals

  • To train students and professionals in institutions working for the protection of childhood in China, in matters pertaining to children’s rights. This will be done through training modules, international exchange and the information provided on the Chinese web page of the IDE website.
  • To develop a programme of extension courses in children’s rights in one or multiple Chinese universities.
  • Contribute towards an interdisciplinary training offer on the protection and the rights of children in China.


Students nearing the end of their education, professors, family planning officials, judges, lawyers, social workers and police officers.

Training Programme Offered

  • Two themed, annual modules
  • Duration: 6 - 8 one week modules
  • An interdisciplinary approach consisting of: law, sociology, pedagogy, psychology, social work, specialised education, demography, etc.
  • A balance between theory (basic knowledge) and practice (real situations)
  • Work will be done in English and Chinese

Partnered Organisations

The IDE in association with:

  • Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (China)
  • University of Geneva's Center for Children's Rights Studies (Switzerland)


Country, region: China
Project start date:
Spring 2013
Financial partner: DDC
Project coordinators:
Daniel Stoecklin (IDE)
Paola Riva Gapany (IDE)