Early bird registration deadline to the International Alternative Care Conference "Building on the Momentum" (3-5 October 2016, Geneva): 1 July 2016! #altcaregeneva2016

The IDE and the University of Geneva launch the Summer School 2016: "Children at the heart of human rights" (June 6 - June 17). Registration open!

The Union of Associations for the Deaf of Bobo-Dioulasso is our NGO of the month of May. Enhancement, development, vocational training and rehabilitation of people with hearing disabilities in a province in Burkina Faso.

Workshop on the Participation of Children in Morocco (20th of April 2016). Read the editorial of the week, by Daniel Stoecklin, expert on the participation of children for the Council of Europe.

The Swiss National Council’s Commission for legal affairs decided to not follow up on the petition "The ban on smacking" put forward by pupils from Gäbelbach. Read the editorial of the week, by Clara Balestra.

Syrian refugees: the temptation of the empty chair. Read the editorial of the week, by Daniel Stoecklin.

Childcare services in Switzerland: Could you make room for me, please? Editorial of the week, by Andressa Curry-Messer.

Editorial by Jean Zermatten about CRIN's "fascinating report" examining to what extent the States that ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child have set up methods for children to have access to legal action.

The Sea Brings Children, Education and Freedom Together: learning how to surf, a new way to live for the girls. Read the editorial of the week, by Andressa Curry-Messer.

A world-wide water crisis as among the "global risks" posed to humanity: the right to water is on the international agenda. Read the editorial of the week, by Diana Volonakis.

Despite being forbidden by national and international law, according to a new United Nations report, female genital mutilation shows no sign of abating in Guinea, with more infants and very young girls undergoing the excisions than before.

Hearing and accompanying children who have been the victims of violence: a practical guide. Read the editorial of the week, by Jean Zermatten

"St. Petersburg, February 25th, 2016, 6:30pm, Community Centre Nochlezhka. Spartacus, who is two years-old and his mother, both without legal documents, ask for help..."  Read the editorial of the week, by Pierre Jaccard.

Read the editorial of the week, by Clara Balestra, about the political marginalisation of children and its link with poverty.

Switzerland and Senegal launched a new program for Training Trainers in Juvenile Justice (FFJJ2), which takes place at the Centre for judiciary training in Dakar.