Amending India’s Child Labour Law: An ongoing struggle. Read the editorial of the week, by Edward van Daalen and Manisha Shastri.

This weight loss challenge began over social media in China and has since become a veritable obsession among adolescents across the world... Editorial of the week, by Andressa Curry-Messer.

Daniel Stoecklin is back from the 20th Congress of the International Association of French-speaking sociologists which took place in Montreal on July 4-8. Editorial.

Involving several institutions working with children in street situations, Rede Rio Criança (Rio, Brazil) is our NGO of the month of July. This network acts on a local, regional and national scale.

The IDE News n° 34 are available! All about the Institute's activities since last December!

Excerpts from the talk by psychologist and philosopher Mrs Nicole Prieur, at the May Symposium 2016 about New forms of parenthood: a time for sharing… but what about the child?. By Clara Balestra.

In this week’s editorial, Diana Volonakis explains how the non-profit organization SieNi aims to empower children to tackle the problem posed by the reduction and contamination of freshwater ressources in Colombia.

International Missing Children's Day: European Kidnapping Alerts are under Scrutiny. Read the editorial of the week, by Clara Balestra, Sarah Oberson Foundation.

The very first Sustainable Development Goals Report has been launched in New York!

In Switzerland, children are placed in detention due to their migrant status. In the framework of this editorial, Aline Sermet comments upon a study by Terre des hommes carried out on the issue.

International Alternative Care Conference #altcaregeneva2016 "Building on the Momentum" from 3 to 5 October 2016 in Geneva!

Call for applications for the 2017-2018 cycle of the Master of Advanced Studies in Children's Rights!

According to Mehdi Malakane, a young blind man, there should also be an audio version of the Convention on the Rights of the Child available. Read the editorial of the week, by Daniel Stoecklin.

The right to health and rights within the health system: two questions that remain both distinct and linked. Read the editorial of the week, by Faustina Défayes.

The Sea Brings Children, Education and Freedom Together: learning how to surf, a new way to live for the girls. Read the editorial of the week, by Andressa Curry-Messer.