The programme of the 9th «May Symposium», that will be held on May 3 and 4 at Inselspital in Bern about a corporal punishment ban in Switzerland is available!

The Vareille Foundation's "A violin can change the world" initiative: a project to reduce inequality of opportunity at school through classical music instruction. NGO of the month February.

Their video online went viral, with 8 million views! Andressa Curry-Messer talks about the Ghetto Kids, five children aged between 9 and 13 in this editorial.

Methylphenidate, known as Ritalin, is a psychostimulant used to treat children from the age of 6 with attention deficit disorder. Editorial by Andressa Curry-Messer.

The IDE News n° 37 are available! All about the Institute's activities since last June!

The International Institute for the Rights of the Child is pleased to announce the publication of the book The Essentials in Juvenile Justice. Nearly 30 experts in the field share their knowledge and experience with the professionals.

In this week's editorial, Diana Volonakis writes about the American juvenile immigration policy.

During the ADEM national symposium, Alba Reina Duran participated to the workshop entitled "Youth refugees: extreme violence, social taboos" led by Dr. Saskia Overbeck Ottino, a psychiatrist specialized in migration-linked issues. Editorial.

"In order to combat violent phenomena, it therefore seems important to develop and stimulate the competence for empathy as of a young age. A number of methods exist." Editorial by Pierre Coquillot, Lucas Decroux and Aurélia Platon.

The Veillard-Cybulski Forum 2017 was about "legal cannabis" and youth in Switzerland. Editorial by Alba Reina Duran.

It is important to remind it, on International Migrants Day (18 December). Editorial by Andressa Curry-Messer.

Alba Reina Duran reports about the visit of a Somalian delegation which came for a training during the second week of September.

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) "Children’s human rights: interdisciplinary introduction" is now available on Coursera! An e-training  by the Center for Children's Rights Studies of the University of Geneva in collaboration with the IDE.