After 2015's earthquake in Nepal, a huge influx of paedophiles from around the world has travelled there to benefit sexually from the highly vulnerable situation of some children. Editorial by Andressa Curry-Messer.

Around fifty people participated in the day of reflection on children’s rights in Somalia organised by the IDE and the RAJO association on November 7th 2016 in Sion. Report by Evelyne Monnay.

UN Secretary-General welcomes selection of Manfred Nowak to lead new global study on situation of children in detention. Jean Zermatten appointed to Advisory Board.

We did not expect Norway, a country very attached to human rights, to refuse to sign the 3rd Optional Protocol (OPIC) to the Convention on the rights of the child... Editorial by Daniel Stoecklin.

The theme of this year’s International Day of the Girl is based on the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals. UN Secretary-General's Message for 2016

The editorial of the week, by Andressa Curry-Messer,is about Paco, "the drug responsible for the extermination of generations" in Argentina and all South America.

Do children in Swiss cities enjoy equal opportunity? Clara Balestra addresses the issue in this week’s editorial

The second half of August signals to Swiss pupils that the summer holydays have come to an end, and that the time has come to return to school. Editorial by Maude Louviot.

Listening to children about terrorism is Daniel Stoecklin’s idea in the editorial of this week.

Amending India’s Child Labour Law: An ongoing struggle. Read the editorial of the week, by Edward van Daalen and Manisha Shastri.

The very first Sustainable Development Goals Report has been launched in New York!

Family poverty should never justify placing a child into care: editorial of the week, by Clara Balestra.

In June 2016, a new sectorial initiative relative the protection of youth in media was launched by the Swiss Telecommunications Association (ASUT). Editorial of the week, by Andressa Curry-Messer.

The Manaslu Educational Co-operative Society (MECS) in Nepal is our NGO of the month October. Attached to the small village of Gumda, in the northeast of Kathmandu, it hopes to offer local children quality education nearby.

Children save lives. Read about it in this week's editorial, by Daniel Stoecklin.

The migration phenomenon has gained such traction over the past few years that we hear about it every day. We all hear about it, the children too... Editorial by Faustina Défayes.

"Bibliobus" (Mobile Library): giving access to cultural rights to street children of Antananarivo, Madagascar. Editorial by Andressa Curry-Messer.

Read the second part of an editorial by Edward van Daalen and Manisha Shastri about India's Child Labour Legislation.

The Child Clubs of Kathmandu: A way to equip the public education system. Read the editorial of the week, live from Nepal by Fabien Métrailler.

This weight loss challenge began over social media in China and has since become a veritable obsession among adolescents across the world... Editorial of the week, by Andressa Curry-Messer.